Hi, I'm Ahma!

artist, nonbinary, they/them

Welcome to my website!
Here you find my portfolio and where to find me on social media!
(and later also commission informations)

Make yourself at home & take a look around!
Take your time and I hope you have a great day!

Thank you for visiting ♥

I'm Ahma!
But you can also call me by the names of my personal characters, if you want!
I'm an illustrator from South West Germany! I love cooking, cats, japanese culture and autumn!

I love drawing animals , cute things like children illustrations, food, plants and nature!

My main characters are Gregory, Vale, Taku & Tatsu!
They represent me in the community!

Please don't use them as you own and neither steal, repost or rp with them.

What programs & tools do you use?
Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop in digital
Alcohol Markers, Faber Castell Polychromos, Micron Sakura and Aquarell Ink in traditional

How long have you been drawing?
About 25 years? I don't know, I started in my childhood with drawing. In 2000 I created my first own characters, so I think this was slighty the beginning for my interests in getting better.

If you have more questions, feel free to use my curioscat or email!

TERMS OF SERVICE (need update)

Here are my TOS for the future, I put in my old one for now, so watch out for future TOS.

If not stated otherwise, all offered Commissions are done digital.

When your commission is finished you will receive a Web-Version PNG file of the commissioned Artwork. I will not provide any original (.SAI, .PSD, etc.) files, but upon request I can send you a High-Resolution PNG file for your own personal use. You are however not allowed to upload that high res version. It is your responsibility to save a copy of your finished picture for I give no guarantee to keep the file/picture. However if you should really loose the picture you can ask me if I still have it, but be aware that there is no warranty.

I maintain the right to turn down any commission if I feel uncomfortable with anything regarding it or dislike the theme or character.

I, the artist, retain any and ALL rights to the work(s) I create.¹ Not only during the process but also the final image. Rights of the characters will remain with their rightful owners, but I have the right to use any works I create (for example as advertisement), regardless of characters present.
You are allowed to use your commissioned picture for Non-Commercial/Private use only! The commissioner is not allowed to reproduce, sell, publish, or reprint my work without permission.
I reserve the right to use your image for portfolios, advertisement, etc. and to post and publish it if I ever want to.

You may upload my work to your gallery/website or use it as icon as long as I’m credited with name and link to the original upload, my website or online gallery. Never remove my signature from any piece. It will be considered theft if displayed without it. Anyone seen editing or modifying my work without my permission will be banned from getting any future commissions from me and will be asked to remove my work from their gallery/site/etc. or I’ll need to report you on the relevant site.
You are not allowed to edit my work without my explicit permission including changes of the outlines, recoloring, red-lininig, and so on.

¹) You can how ever buy the rights for commercial use. Just tell me during the ordering progress and we discuss a special pricing.

Please only order commissions via Telegram Message or Email ([email protected])
Exception to this are specifically otherwise advertised commissions. For example an offer I post on twitter can be ordered via twitter, etc.

If you’re ordering a commission please make sure to include at least:
Your nameType of CommissionReference Picture and/or detailed description of the character
References MUST contain a picture of your character or a very detailed description.(exception is character design commissions and artisticly free reference sheets)
References CAN contain concepts, poses, settings, etc.Please use your username and the desired commission type as subject if sending an Email. (example: RandomFurry Sketch Commission)
You have of course the permission to contact me during the process and ask for status update but be reasonable. I’m not a machine and therefore reserve the right to cancel your commission and give appropriate refund if I feel that a commissioner is being rude, too pushy or inappropriate. However you will first get a warning for such behavior.

Outside of commission requests you can contact me anytime via one of my accounts.
Please use your username and “question”/“price inquiry”/etc. as subject.

Payment will be made after the first rough sketch is approved by the customer.²
For international customer I can currently only accept payment via PayPal.

European customer can send their payment via PayPal or SEPA (with SEPA being the preffered payment method).
I also can make an exception if you proved as a reliable customer in the past and take payment later during the process of the commission,
but this is in my discretion.

All PayPal payments must be send via Goods and Services!
I won't accept payments via friends & family except you really are a friend of mine for quite some time.
ALSO: Please only include a shipping address if you are ordering a traditional piece of art.

I can offer payment plans for big commissions, just ask me if you're struggeling with a price and we see what we can do. c:

²) There are Exceptions that require Payment upfront but if that's the case it will be stated in the respective commission offer. (Example would be a YCH or a Quickslot)

I only send one WIP picture of the rough sketch.
If you want to see more WIP pictures (for example Lined Stage, etc) you have to ask for it.

You can ask for one change for free in the WIP stage, so please include in your commission request everything you need me to know.
Any mistakes made on my part will of course be changed at no additional cost at any stage of the commission.
After the commission is finished I will do one minor change for free (e.g. eye color, hair color, marking correction) but I won’t change major things that result on bad references.
If no general pose is stated in the initial email, I will assume you are allowing me free range on the idea. If I present you with a WIP and you are displeased due to it not being the pose you wanted, I will not change the work for free. It is your responsibility as a commissioner to have all information ready in the initial email with your commission information. I will however make minor changes to the pose.

If you do not reply to your WIP within 7 days, I will put your commission "On Hold" and I will put you on the bottom of my queue. When I'm done with the queue you will get a reminder.

Refunds will be given at my sole discretion.

You must have a legitimate reason to request a refund (buyer’s remorse is not a valid reason).
After the work has started I won’t refund up to 50% of the price.
If the piece has been completed, it is not eligible for a refund. If something is wrong with the picture, contact me within 3 days, as I may change any large oversight on the work for no-charge, if it was my mistake.
Any amount over the quoted price shall be considered a tip and will not be subject to any sort of refund.
In the event that I cancel a commission because you break the Terms Of Service, or are immature, rude, or inappropriate towards me, you will receive an additional fee of 20-30% on your refund.

If, at any time, I decide that I do not wish to work with you or do your commission, I may cancel your work, refund you for what remains undone, and choose to not work with you again for any reason, including but not limited to: breaking the Terms Of Service, rudeness, overly complex ideas being paid the bare minimum, constant nitpicking, constant dissatisfaction or impatience about the work quality or time or believe the works should be of a better quality than what you paid for, intolerant or hateful behavior towards me, my work, or my customers, etc.

I am willing to draw themes/topics that don’t correspond my values, ethics and preferences, but there are some themes/topics that are absolutely taboo (e.g. prohibited content).

Again, I reserve the right to decline a commission for whatever reason, including content.

Selection from what I WILL draw:
Fanart, almost all body types, almost all species, Cuddling, Solo, Couples, Multiple characters (within reason), Backgrounds, Nudity, Diaper/Cub (cute), slight violence, feral/anthro, sexual acts, etc.

Selection from what I WONT draw:
Watersports, Scat, real Vomiting, Diaper/Cub (explicit, messy, sexual), Children in any sexual context, fascistic content, extreme violence, Vore, extreme muscle/obesity/inflation, Hyper, etc.

If you’re not sure if your content is okay for me, just ask. There is no need to be shy. I don’t judge!